Once upon a time there was a girl and her mom.  They traveled to Red River, New Mexico and happened upon a candy shop.


Unobtrusively sitting by the front door was an ice cream cooler, full of delicacies.  They chose one.  They ate it.  They were enraptured.


They told their friends, they went back and ate them again!

fun pics 001

They drove home.  They looked high and low and could not find them anywhere.

They drove to Dauphin Island with friends.  They looked in every unobtrusive cooler they could find from Arkansas to Alabama.  All to no avail.

The mom flew to Oregon, not even thinking about the almost forgotten ice cream bars.  Afterall,  three years had passed.  Until one day, they were picking up some groceries and there in the large market freezer they sat.  Boxes and boxes and boxes.  She bought them, full of joy.  She took them and shared them with her friends in Oregon.  She shared the story of the quest.  They smiled.

A call came after she flew home.  A shipment would be coming.  On dry ice.

No, she said.  Yes, said her friend.  Take and share them!  And that is what she did…



IMG_9871The quest was over.  Thank you, Kate!

ice cream quest

Some times when you least expect it, a gift will be found in an unobtrusive cooler.


Psalm 34:8

O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!