cool science

Hello. My name is Sarah. I am a Christian. I also love science. These are not mutually exclusive facts. In college, I enjoyed, yes enjoyed, Inorganic Chemistry 1 & 2, Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology. I ate those classes up, smacked my lips and longed for more. The secular science classes stirred myContinue reading “cool science”

Establish your hearts…

One week ago, I had just finished the last study with a group of friends on the Book of James.  He was Christ’s kin, he started out an unbeliever, but then a visit from a resurrected brother gave him a heart transplant. It’s been a challenging study, addressing such things as the untamable tongue, the definition ofContinue reading “Establish your hearts…”

Sweet Truth Tuesday

Last week, the night before the accident, we were attending Hannah’s friends’ wedding.  The pastor who married them took the verse below and did something I had never heard done before, but that struck me with its beauty and truth. I believe he only did from verse four on, but I am backing up toContinue reading “Sweet Truth Tuesday”

It is a new day in Christ

Romans 5: 1-11 J.B. Phillips New Testament 5 1-2 Since then it is by faith that we are justified, let us grasp the fact that we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have confidently entered into this new relationship of grace, and here we take our stand, in happyContinue reading “It is a new day in Christ”

The Valley Song.

Entering the valley, deepest depths, coldest darks, Sudden sounds, a breaking branch, adrenaline does rush, Midnight black blinds the eyes, His hand leadeth thee. Tempting lies speak the words, this, the valley of despair, Frightening journey, unknown dangers creep and rouse, Not meant to see the end, fearful hold does clutch His hem. Further in,Continue reading “The Valley Song.”

Facing fears. (Part one)

A text shows up in my phone.  “When are you going?” It had been on my heart.  I silently whisper, “Lord, if You want me to go, make a way.” I ask our church to pray if I am supposed to go, now, at this time. The men, later that evening, say yes.  Complete agreement.Continue reading “Facing fears. (Part one)”

This present pain.

This morning, it is crisp and cold.  A wintry sort of day.  One of my morning’s readings laying open to Faber speaking of “serving Jesus out of love, in the wear and tear of common, unpoetic life.” Impaled by this truth, I take a drink from my glass of kefir.  Its sour, sweetness tangy on myContinue reading “This present pain.”