cool science

Hello. My name is Sarah. I am a Christian. I also love science. These are not mutually exclusive facts. In college, I enjoyed, yes enjoyed, Inorganic Chemistry 1 & 2, Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology. I ate those classes up, smacked my lips and longed for more. The secular science classes stirred myContinue reading “cool science”

The Best, Oswald Chambers, 1893

(beauty in the mundane, 2014)     THE BEST Nearer than Home and than dearest, Nearer than near or than nearest; Nearer than breath, Nearer than death Is the sweet spirit of Jesus.   Dearer than all that is nearest, Dearer than dear or than dearest, Dearer than sight, Dearer than light Is the communionContinue reading “The Best, Oswald Chambers, 1893”

My Heart is Fixed on You

I hear a classical strain of music and I think of You. I see a sunrise, beams broad, light so light and I think of You. The storms roll through and thunder and flash and You are there. I feel the love of my friends and I know You orchestrated our meeting. I feel theContinue reading “My Heart is Fixed on You”

Oswald Chambers, Abandoned to God by David McCasland

This biographical sketch of Oswald Chambers was given to me by a friend for Mother’s Day. Still finishing another book, I waited to start it.  I wanted to savor it, I knew I would since My Utmost For His Highest is my favorite devotional and was penned by Mr. Chambers. The week following our second oldestContinue reading “Oswald Chambers, Abandoned to God by David McCasland”

Establish your hearts…

One week ago, I had just finished the last study with a group of friends on the Book of James.  He was Christ’s kin, he started out an unbeliever, but then a visit from a resurrected brother gave him a heart transplant. It’s been a challenging study, addressing such things as the untamable tongue, the definition ofContinue reading “Establish your hearts…”

Layers of Mercy

Last week, as school was concluding, weddings were in the works, small homeschool group graduation was cresting, I was brought to a standstill. My husband got the call, motioned me over, Hannah had been in a wreck, she was okay, she had rolled multiple times. She was two hours away and I was already reachingContinue reading “Layers of Mercy”