Jacob the Man

Jacob the Man
Jacob, the man, has turned 21
When help is needed to you he runs.

Not away, but towards the fire,
To fear no captive he.

His prayers ascend from his lips,
his movements match his love.

Present and aware,
He fully enters in.

And when all is safe,
he’ll sit satisfied and true,

Crack some silly jokes
With smile beaming broad.

And all because a man from Galilee
reigns in his heart.

babies, booties, bottles…

My daughter and I threw a shower for her bestie…it’s besties first baby!

The theme was Alice in Wonderland…we had great fun…Allison had already found all the fun stuff to do and make for the party…

Funny thing though….everyone was boo-hooie but me…and I am usually the one crying my eyes out…what is this?  Have my hormones had a shift in my advancing years…Don’t get me wrong, I did tear up…just not my normal flow of heavy tears that I normally experience…