Off plane, we catch a taxi, diesel fumes assault my nose,

Twitching and inhaling as if awakened from a doze.


The mind alert and smiling, enjoying each new sense

We have left Oklahoma and I’m five in Great Britain.


She walks me over London to parks some with water, some just green.

She takes us to the changing of the Guard, I make a scene.

“Forward march!” they do yell, “Forward fart!” I echo well.

Her hand clamps upon my arm, the Brits are thinking, Bloody hell!

She must be American, but look she’s just a tot.

Angry stares subside, we decamp from the spot.


After tea, after nap, after yawning in the bed,

Adventures await us to see treasures of which we’ve read.

The vibrant colors of the jewels, the ghostly figures at Tussauds,

A dollhouse made for royalty I love the best of them all.


Small, stuffed tennis teddy bears, another in lace gown,

my tomboy nature takes a nap as I gaze around.


And all I know in the angry, tear-streaked years that followed,

was I wish I could have stayed in that flat in London.

7 thoughts on “awakened

  1. Love the way you’re playing with rhyme as you explore long-ago sensory memories and images (reinforced by actual images). A delight as you go back in your mind’s eye and remember as much as you can–though imperfectly recalled, you still have used enough brush stroke to give us the impression of your time there.

  2. You remember much more than I remember in the sensory department. I was very happy in London too. My memories are concrete rather than sensory. My sensory memories are earlier and later.

  3. Short, quick poem I wrote out in response to Ch. 4, fresh on the heels of the 10 minute free write of the other day. Today I decided to wed the photos of me as a single five year old, no adults in the pictures with the not so skillful attempt at weaving in the observation I was making internally that at this age I was beginning…yes, just beginning, to talk to people other than my sister. The other clumsy attempt was to merge in the idea of the flat being a place of innocence, unaware of all the conflict that was swirling around me. The awareness that my world was about to change on many levels.

  4. I never wanted to leave Edmond, this being my home. I found my way back for better or worse. This is where I have built my business and tried to build my family.

  5. Muzzie and I both store memories through scent. We were talking about this very fact a few years ago and had an AHA! moment.

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