Sunday Sweets.



In my new workshop, my husband checks wiring on borrowed chandeliers, tweaks as needed. Once he’s done, he hangs them from the rafters for me to do my bit…



He’s already threaded new candle sheaths that cover the electric components that carry the current for each bulb.


This one needs painting. A slow, painstaking process, gravity guiding the paint to cling to the metal. It’s like painting with liquid brass, filling in the chinks and making smooth. This takes several hours.



I stand back, turn on the lights, not finished with the paint yet. It is a tedious, laborious business and I think it is much like God’s work in my own life. He hasn’t changed me all at once, but by degrees. Here a dab, there a dab, exposing all my flaws. As He has faithfully walked with me these last 23 years,( I date this from the answering of my “why” question that I spoke about in this post). He has gently led me to love more, to confess my sinfulness more quickly, to yield to His plan more trustingly.

He exposes my own weakness again and again. He exposes my great need for Him over and over.


IMG_1855Can’t I trust Him to finish the work that He has started in me? Yes, I can.


And I agree with Paul from 1 Corinthians 1:30, He is my righteousness, He is my Holiness, He is my redemption. He the very wisdom of God.



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