And she realizes she is 14.



One of her birthday wishes was for a working manual typewriter. The other, whether she knew it or not, was for a small baby blue Fujifilm Instax Mini-8 Instant Film Camera. Her mom and sisters were pretty certain this item was a must have for any young girl turning 14. It ranked up there with finger nail polish, a cute swimsuit  & bands for her latest hobby.

Her nod to the past when life was a little slower paced. She’s the type who enjoys being a girlie tomboy playing in a treehouse, reading books in the pool, giggling with friends on the trampoline. Fireflies fascinating in the background, that’s what it is to be 14 and not quite grown up…yet.

When I was fourteen, it was the summer of 1983. I too, had a film camera, my Mom’s old manual clacker and life was fair. My best friend was about to move overseas, a move I was not in favor of. Change was in the air. I had graduated from East Jr. High in Ponca City, and would begin the longer daily hike to Po-Hi, where it actually was uphill and downhill a few times.

I would look at my sister’s Seventeen magazine with curiosity. My friends were beginning to show interest in make up.

My sister had preceded me by two grades and I would come to find that at a bigger school I would rarely run into my sibling unless it was planned and protocol.

My daughters are together a lot. They even seem to like each other on occasion. The oldest is 27, the youngest now 14. Four girls spanning over fourteen years. One boy interjected in the middle like a lone masculine title sandwiched between feminine book ends. I’ve always said that would make him a better, more understanding husband.

But this isn’t about him, it is about her. The baby in the family and the gift she is to us.

We do thank God for you, sweet girl.  Happy 14! May you ever find His favor! : )




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