Zero Balance.

I received one of the most beautiful things in the mail today.

It was an envelope.  No.  Not just any envelope.  It was from my 2nd oldest daughter’s college.

What was inside, you ask?  This:


Receipt for the last payment I will ever have to make to that particular institution for this particular daughter.

I wrote Whee-Haa! on the bottom of the invoice, stuck it back in its envelope and put it on my husband’s shelf, for him to happily find!

Four years ago, she began a race to obtain a nursing degree in a small town in Oklahoma. Just under two hours from home. She knew no one. I counted her brave.

I told her not to blink. That if we both did we would find ourselves where we are today, crossing the finish line. I guess we both blinked.

As I think back over the last four years, as I sit at my computer this afternoon, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.

Not only has He provided for our daughter’s education, He has provided her with many friends, experiences and, most importantly, her fiancee. And I find myself wanting to thank Him, my faithful, loving, good Provider.

For, oh so much more, than what shows on this small slip of paper.

4 thoughts on “Zero Balance.

  1. Surprise is ruined! But I’ll still enjoy seeing the receipt and rejoicing along with you for all He has done in her life these past 4 years! 🙂

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