Rend Collective, My Lighthouse

Counting down the days until I find this in my mailbox…around March 17th  😀 12…11…10…

Here’s their link in case you feel you must order; that your life is not full or complete without their new c.d.

Public Service Announcement:  I earn nothing for unashamedly pushing their goods, I just really, really like their music.

One thought on “Rend Collective, My Lighthouse

  1. Sarah, their music is phenomenal. I will order one soon.

    Hard afternoon yesterday working side by side with Ethan cleaning his house. We got more done, lots more to do. He thanked me totally, repeatedly. I know he wants to live better and I am trying to be God’s vessel there showing and living the way of obedience and holiness.

    Thank God that music calms the savage for I have felt savaged lately. And thus does our Lord uses the calumny thrown against us for His glory.

    *Bring it on*

    Love, Mom

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