The Valley Song.


Entering the valley, deepest depths, coldest darks,

Sudden sounds, a breaking branch, adrenaline does rush,

Midnight black blinds the eyes, His hand leadeth thee.


Tempting lies speak the words, this, the valley of despair,

Frightening journey, unknown dangers creep and rouse,

Not meant to see the end, fearful hold does clutch His hem.


Further in, further through, the valley mocks and taunts,

false voices silence at His command,

Becoming still He continues leading by the hand.


Oh, my heart, how bleak it is, I cannot walk alone,

Strength does falter, He sweeps up in His arms,

He whispers sweet redemption, promises made true.


Clarion truth heralds the battle He has won,

His light breaks straight in,

He can not, does not, will not forsake,

His children in His arms.

valley 3

One day soon, He will return, Face to face, we will see,

it was Jesus Christ, Overcoming One

who tenderly carried thee.


Yet right now for little while, the valley leaves its mark…

The song He teaches, this we know,

“God does comfort, especially in the dark.”

3 thoughts on “The Valley Song.

  1. I read this yesterday, but could not see through tears to type. I came back today to read again, knowing this was written to speak to me… I am so struck by the lines, “Not meant to see the end…” and “God does comfort, especially in the dark.”

    Thank you for speaking this Truth. Beautiful pictures to illustrate the message, too!

  2. Photos are from Oregon. The poem was written for you specifically, Kate. I am so sorry for the pain you and your family are walking through right now…it is a dark, deep valley…may He shine in it….

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