Small touches around Bessie.


A pair of curtains and some matching shades cozied up our room just right.  Two pillowcases and a warm throw finished it off!

When you have small space for clothing, you learn to improvise.  Two long, well-used bookcases become my storage, bins from Wal-Mart help corral undies, sock, bras and the like for convenient retrieval.


A painted scripture from a friend keeps company with another gift and my jewelry box.  Come to think of it, they were all gifts.

Here’s the trim we placed in the kitchen, sealing up the backsplash.


It works.


Maybe next summer we’ll get some new countertops built like these:


(  Better Homes and Gardens,

4 thoughts on “Small touches around Bessie.

  1. Sarah, it makes my heart glad to see your home with all the loving and tasteful touches you give it. It is a reflection of YOU! No matter where we live our homes can be castles. I should know.

    Love, Mom

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