Another tower.


This tower, Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower, was our next stop.  We could see it from the other tower here:


It’s the first weekend of November, officially Christmas season in Branson, Mo.  The air is crisp and clear, it’s sweater weather!  My favorite.  With allergies and asthma, I can actually breathe better in the winter.

After paying a modest entrance fee we got to ride in an elevator. Up…up…up.

Much higher, much safer, but pictures are grainy from the glass.


(That small wooden structure is the tower we climbed up earlier)

If you really want to live on the edge, a zip line awaits you…and for another modest fee you can slide down this like these insane intrepid people.


Here’s a closer snap of the line that bears your weight.  Yeah, we said, no thank you very much.  In 50 seconds you reach the bottom.  Not quite breaking the sound barrier…but still…




Here’s one of many strands of lights that outlines the tower for night visitors.



We missed them lit up, but I imagine those little lights put forth a lot of beautiful light.



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