I have four biological.  My little princesses.

Ages 25 to 12.


The silliness gene came from me, I own it with pleasure.

But Papa has brought me so many more along the way.  I didn’t give birth to them.  I didn’t even pay for their college.  But the Lord has used me to pour into their lives and for that I am grateful.

One of them asked for a favor…here’s what I made her for a friend.

She asked for a pendant that could be a friendship bracelet.  It just has to be knotted on.  I don’t know how long it will last, you would have to keep on eye on it and replace the string as it begins to wear. 😀

Here it is for size comparison, although I have a fairly small wrist at 6 1/2 inches.

My friend Justine is adopting a little girl and I would love to bless her.  She is so close to going to get her new daughter, just travel expenses remain.  Hopefully her new daughter will be home for Christmas!

I know I said the C word, but that is how it times out 😀

I will run this fundraiser through the end of October!  So…if you need any Christmas presents, now would be a great time..your donation will give two gifts!

Any donation made to her for her adoption will score you a pendant friendship bracelet.

Just click and donate here & then shoot me an e-mail here:


I will try to stamp whatever you like on it.  Or, I can make you a pendant on leather, like this:

I will cover the shipping and handling.

(I can also use my smaller letters)

Happy thoughts for today:

  • Grace
  • Adoption
  • Daughters
  • Blessings
  • Friends
  • Christmas 😀

Thank you,


Addendum, here are two pieces I made up yesterday and they are available for donation: ( They are on brown leather 😀 )

Another Addendum:

These pieces were all shipped out today, but I am going to work on some more tomorrow and will post a photo as soon as I have them completed.

If you push on the Beauty in the Mundane title, the two newest listings are the two new pendants I have made.

5 thoughts on “Daughters.

  1. I am wanting to order the Wildly Loved for my Daughterinlaw she follows your Blog and this was something that she put on her Christmas List. I am not sure what I need to do to order this for her?

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