Sometimes.  My life is like Bessie, our home.  Not as she is now, but before.  The first day I walked in.

Dirty walls, mouse turds, spiders..the fetid odor of a couple of decades of nasty carpet with ground in dirt.  A layer of scum and dirt everywhere.  Windows unwashed.  Tubs, showers and toilets left with grime.

Some days.

He exposes, He highlights, He shines His beam on something in my life.  Something that isn’t right.  It isn’t pleasant.  It is nasty.  It is small.  It is dank.

And He lets me see it.   He lets me smell it.  He gives me His perspective.  I shudder.

Do I hold on tightly to my smallness?  My mistrust?  Or do I allow Him to excise it?

This time, different from others, I expose it…I confess it to others, I ask Him to excise.

He cuts deftly, cleanly…not too much, not too little.

He removes just the tumor we are working on right now.  It is enough.  He patches me and lets me heal.  He breathes in His truth to replace the lies.

And although the purification is painful, it is necessary.

This becoming a warrior is serious business.  This battling begins within my own heart and soul.

Sweet cleansing.  Sweet victory.  Sings my soul to my Redeemer, songs of restoration.

One thought on “restoration

  1. He is merciful and faithful to save and keep on saving. Where would anyone, esp. me, be without that mercy, that faith?

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