“Today isn’t forever, it is just a stepping stone to heaven.”

After reading my devotions for yesterday, this pearl slipped out of my fingers while writing a “What’s on your mind” face book status.  I looked at it, pondering that its truth was not from me.

I had carefully been reflecting on the situations several of my friends are in right now.  Battles on all fronts.  One whose son is terminal, the same friend adopted a little girl from Ukraine that had to have open heart surgery this last week.  Her juggling this, family, her own emotions…weakened.

Upheld by God.  She says she feels it.  She knows He is with them.

Multiple couples facing difficult family situations.  God bringing the beautiful out of the ugly, as only He can.  This alone breaks my heart all over again…His faithful, beautiful works in our lives.

Other friends grappling with family relationships, despair, loneliness, grief, widowhood.

Such struggles, such battles.

And here at the bottom of all these difficult valleys, when we are at our weakest, He offers His extended hand.  Will we take it?  Will we nervously glance about for some other escape?

And what struck me, was, that in the moment we forget.  We forget His big picture, that this will pass over…this deep grief will be assuaged…this bitterness can be healed…this anger can be soothed….fractured relationships made whole.

He is right here..closer than a brother, scripture says.

He may not release you from the situation, but He will go through it with you.  If…you let Him.

This terrible day will pass.  Will we lean into Him?



2 thoughts on “Today.

  1. So many of our griefs and hopeless situations are due to our own poor choices, thinking we hear the voice of God urging us to some action or other. It’s time to wake up, read Ecclesiastes, and accept that people, all of us, are hopelessly flawed. ALL we can do is simplify, trim back our thoughts and expectations, and accept the death that comes disguised in our brief lives. It’s all going to be over sooo very soon. So live light. Travel light. Don’t assume there’s some great plan. Most of what we achieve is in every sense mundane, pointless, and really kinda pathetic. There is no reason to be a do gooder when you can’t even fix yourself. My opinion.

    Love you!!

  2. We are studying Noah in church right now…so the theme of obedience and action are being taught. When God remembered Noah it included action…I want to do a further word study on the word for remembered…

    Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
    8:1-3 The whole race of mankind, except Noah and his family, were now dead, so that God’s remembering Noah, was the return of his mercy to mankind, of whom he would not make a full end. The demands of Divine justice had been answered by the ruin of sinners. God sent his wind to dry the earth, and seal up his waters. The same hand that brings the desolation, must bring the deliverance; to that hand, therefore, we must ever look. When afflictions have done the work for which they are sent, whether killing work or curing work, they will be taken away. As the earth was not drowned in a day, so it was not dried in a day. God usually works deliverance for his people gradually, that the day of small things may not be despised, nor the day of great things despaired of.

    Noah’s trust, not perfection, are also key focuses right now. I do believe God will use everything for our good, whether He orchestrated it or not. He will refine us.

    On further reflection we are called to be light and salt. It is not for nothing.

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