When we left…

the town house, we promised Rinnah we would build her a treehouse to make up for the one that was sold with the property.

We HAVE the technology…(think Lee Majors)…we can rebuild it…

better, stronger than it was before.

This weekend everything conspired to finally begin what I will call RINNAH’S GRAND TREEHOUSE ADVENTURE!

Doesn’t that seem more epic with all CAPS?  I think so, too!

So here’s some photos of Day 1 & 2’s progress:

(Those people up on the ladder, that’s not the hard part…no it’s the little people on the ground, holding the ladder steady and keeping anything from falling in your eyes…pivotal!  Just sayin’.)

Learning to drill, ratchet and the great tool called a “cheater bar.”  Which gives you the strength of ten men.  Which allows you to “work smarter, not harder.”

We had to call out the big guns to put the “floor” in place.  Yep, the boy, every household should have one.

Yeah, I work too…if I hafta…


Artistic photo by Rinnah.


Phase 1 is finished.  Floor joists, support beams, floor installed.

Pooped out, I admire from the top of the ladder.

Rinnah took this photo looking down.

Tired girls taking a much deserved break.

The dad who thought he was simply building a treehouse…but was actually discovered to be hanging the moon.

To everyone who has pitched in over the last two years towards the treehouse and zip line, Rinnah says, “Thank you!”

2 thoughts on “When we left…

  1. This looks like so much fun. Do you need a decorator to fix it up for you? I might be available. Well, no, not really, I am retired. This is the dream (a tree house is) Every heart at some time or another, longs for. A place. A home. To call one’s own. Blessings. Enjoy! see note below–down by my name.

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