schoolroom pictures & birthday gifts

I had run out of these little white sleeves.  We bought some more, so now I have no excuse not to finish this little project.  I just have a few more movies to add to the collection.  I like this basket much better than my white organizers.  So much softer…warmer.

Here’s the right side of our schoolroom…finally finished!

This wire basket handily corralled Rinnah’s summer reading list.

Here’s the table in the center, the whiteboard comes in handy for any chores or problems we need to work out.  $2 score at a yard sale.

This awesomeness was part of my birthday from my bff from jr. high.  It would have been enough…but nestled inside were Godiva white chocolate covered Oreos and milk chocolate covered Oreos.  YUM!

But wait there’s more…

A sweet paper mache flying heart bearing the Latin words Sursum Corda

sursum corda [ˈsɜːsəm ˈkɔːdə]


1. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) RC Church a Latin versicle meaning Lift up your hearts, said by the priest at Mass
2. a cry of exhortation, hope, etc.
I just have to find some fishing line, so I can hang it in my window…a sweet reminder to lift my heart in hope to Him.  The Author, the Finisher of my faith.
And this sweet reminder was given as a birthday gift from a trio of friends who I treasure.  Life is Good…not easy, not carefree…but good, a gift.

2 thoughts on “schoolroom pictures & birthday gifts

  1. Sarah, your photos are so gorgeous! I want you to shoot our house and post it on your blog and show me how to post it on my website. OK? When it gets cooler, maybe in Oct!

    Grace and Jake were sooo much help. They return with goods: a Rubbermaid storage cabinet, a stacked white Elfa shelve unit, odds and ends to keep or pass on.

    Such great young descendants!!!

    Love, Mom

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