Tom Turkey, (revisited)

Where is Tom Turkey, oh, where is he please?


His little people are seeking to find him with ease…(do you appreciate the foreshadowing here?)


they search high and low, they go near and far…


on top the highest mountain, they raise the bar…


oh Tom, oh Tom, where didst thou go…


under the shroud of aluminum is woe…


Tom Turkey, Tom Turkey….what shall we do?


We will go to war and prove ourselves true!


But alas and alack, they met their doom…


with a smack and a smile to all in the room!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Recipe for Little Turkeys:

easy and fun to make for children of all ages…

  • striped fudge cookie
  • cherry cordial
  • candy corn
  • a little tube of icing to hold them all together

Wah-lah, a fun edible craft!


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