For Rinnah’s 9th birthday,

tiedye 027

 my girls and I came up with the idea to tie-dye t-shirts…how hip, how cool, how retro…..

how messy!

We purchased a couple of 1/2 price kits with online coupons, plenty of lovely colors to choose from…Hannah had researched online to find out cool patterns you could make and how to twist, tie and rubberband them to achieve the desired effect…

we had prewashed our shirts to remove the sizing and then handed out the right sizes for the different little girls…the Big Girl Helpers dyed undershirts, I ended up dyeing my swim cover up….ooooh!  Our two interns, Carrie and Cory, did shirts and skirts…

things to watch for when dyeing…watch what clothes you are wearing, watch any towels that are around…inadvertent splashes leave stains…

tiedye 136

we had several…on concrete…on a nice beach towel….on my swim cover-up…

tiedye 148










and as I thought about the colorful random splashes…I thought of how this fall and winter I will smile at all that color on my garage concrete, not a mess of overspill, but a blossom of memories of that day’s fun!

tiedye 141








and I thought fondly of our two interns and how they stain our very lives, with their servants hearts, their smiles, their devotion to the Lord…

how we stain one another’s lives, sometimes thoughtlessly with hurtful words, judgemental attitudes…hardened hearts…sometimes with joyful love and bright sprinkles of friendship…

tiedye 145











lasting stains…

tiedye 150










may we stain one another with an “Eye” to what is pleasing to the Lord…that our patterns may be a pleasure for Him to behold…..

2 thoughts on “tie-dyes

  1. What beautiful thoughts from what I hear was the most fun party – from the expert R!! I’ve heard of painted garage floors – now you have a unique one!!

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