wedding organization…on a budget…

Hey Shannon, I confess I am an organizer at heart, so this weeks WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY POST is all about the “clever” idea I came up with to help keep my brain from turning to oatmeal mush  me on track for my daughter’s wedding.

Did I mention she is marrying her college sweetheart the weekend after she graduates?

Use one inexpensive binder, or one you happen to have laying around your house…room-redo-010

or splurge and buy a girlie one to your liking, afterall, this is your daughter’s wedding, sniff, sniff…if you are quick-witted you might even buy one that allows you to add a photo of the handsome pair!

Then use that cardstock you bought to make Christmas Cards  I mean New Years Cards, well, I knew it would come in handy some time…smile…buy cheap tabs that you can use to separate your table of contents items:



yes, you heard me clearly…a table of contents with the most important headings you know are a part of  THE SPECIAL DAY:


aaawwww, even the font makes my heart happy!

make your tabs and number accordingly…no more mess or headache about where you wrote down that one little note about the flowers…hhhmmmm…


wwwhhheeee…wedding coordinator on a budget…next week part two…items to add to your notebook to keep your minds sane make the day great!


addendum:  the font is blackadder ITC on my microsoft word…hope that helps

4 thoughts on “wedding organization…on a budget…

  1. Hey Mommers,

    haha, you make me laugh – now, if only I could convince you that I really need to go with you girls on this beach trip………….

  2. Can you tell me what the name of the font is in your pictures? I remember liking it and have not found it free yet and now cannot remember the name.


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