“If you like to iron, perhaps you are ill…” ~me


Hey Shannon, this is my Works for Me Wednesday post for this week…

I hate to iron…I can clean a toilet, scrub vile mold and mildew, wash mountains of clothing….and sort it…but to iron…ugh, it is not my thing…

I made this confession when I married my husband, so he would know upfront, I wasn’t that kind of girl…

I will iron, but I would rather hang by my thumbs over a ,but I try to avoid it at all costs…

I hang up cotton shirts out of the washer so they won’t have to be ironed, and anything else for that matter…linens…hung up, some jeans…hung up…

but today this Works For Me Wednesday post is all about not ironing my back pockets, this is one of the best ideas I have ever had…..smile…

I lost a button off one of my favorite pairs of jeans,  (the tragedy)


which meant it flapped up all the time, thus disturbing the contour of my derriere and also making my shirts flip up funny…(which happens with buttoned side as well, which made me iron it, which I have already stated is akin to me getting my eyes poked out with a hot iron not my favorite thing to do….)


so…I sewed the pockets shut…


I cannot imagine why I didn’t think of this before…but all is well now, the offenders WILL LAY FLAT!


(object in photo looks larger than it appears…smile…)

I am sew  TICKLED!

10 thoughts on ““If you like to iron, perhaps you are ill…” ~me

  1. Well, you know how much I iron – the bane of my generation! But, what a great idea – think my hubby would like those pockets sewn shut!! You are amazing!!!

  2. I think you have the nation with you!! Why do you think they came out with all that no-iron stuff!! It may be the one chore we all hate the most – the best I can say is that it’s great t.v. watching time for someone who can’t “just” sit & watch!

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