store bought donuts…works for me anyday…


Okay Shannon I am linking up for your Works for Me Wednesday, I have some future ideas to contribute but today I had to post about these beauties….



okay…I was in the store, and these lept out at me…the very colors of spring…


I could not resist, they were too marvelous for words…what joyful little sprinkles…


so I bought them….oh the sweet things…smile…


I didn’t eat any…num, num, but I wanted to!


but I had to have them….


my family consumed them quite happily….which works for me anyday!

One thought on “store bought donuts…works for me anyday…

  1. The layout of your page is so restful and balanced, it makes me glad just to look at it and your photography is splendid, Sarah. I want to take pictures and add more to my site but just seem to run out of time.
    Anyway, this was a joy to see today. Keep it up.
    Love, Mom

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