Silly Sarah Saturday…

I was born on a Saturday…

my mom has a song she wrote for me that taught me the days of the week…I will be videoing her and posting it, but until then…

Saturday posts will be dedicated to “Sarah” songs…I am partial to them afterall and then I will have a cute little library of my songs….smile…

Jenni you started it, by bringing up these boys…so I had to look them up and lo and behold there they were on youtube….and a song I had forgotten about….Darryl Hall and John Oates, can I hear a ye-ah, ye-ah:

oh crud, it, too, is unembeddable…what is up with these people…they are NO! fun…

well, if you really want to listen you can copy and paste…wwwwaaaaahhhh!!!!!

but wait, what’s this…an open copy….whee!

3 thoughts on “Silly Sarah Saturday…

  1. oh, I know, but the lyrics are clean….this was my 100th post…thank you very much…didn’t think I would stick with it this long…aren’t you proud of me?

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