okay…i’m a zealot…Christmas craft number 2…

Here is our 2nd entry for the wonderful Christmas craft carnival going on over at

(well…something has happened to Antique mommy….)

so now, I will post this for Works for Me Wednesday over with Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer


remember the cute bows Oma made in Christmas craft number 1?


well, today we finished the assembling of one of the cutest Christmas crafts I have ever done…

step 1…after purchasing glass blocks ($4-5.00 a piece) from your local home improvement store, or better yet, recycle some that just happen to be laying around your basement or local thrift store….remove stickers


2. borrow diamond head drill bit from a friend…or find one in your garage…or final option, buy one…(we borrowed one)


3. with safety glasses on, drill hole in the bottom, the bottom can be any side you choose…we will be inserting some light into the blocks…add water to keep friction from cracking the blocks…you have to apply quite a bit of pressure…

thanksgiving-day-013   thanksgiving-day-017   thanksgiving-day-120

4. insert small set of lights into the block..(after testing to make sure they work)…they sell these mini-sets at stores like Wallyworld for a buck fifty…

thanksgiving-day-003   (aren’t they cute)

thanksgiving-day-0821 my cute grandmother…smoochey-smack….

5.  tie on ribbon and then wire on your premade…lovely, bow…

thanksgiving-day-005   thanksgiving-day-118

and plug-in and enjoy…a lovely light up Christmas present…

thanksgiving-day-1191   thanksgiving-day-104

Aren’t they pretty?

5 thoughts on “okay…i’m a zealot…Christmas craft number 2…

  1. These are gorgeous! I saw Mom’s today when I went to pick up her laundry and have a cup of coffee with her. She loved the activity, too, and having something so lovely to show for the time spent.


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